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my toxic trait is that i under charge and over deliver

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Everyone thinks they're not photogenic until I get ahold of 'em. I'm based in Portland and I adventure worldwide to take photos of epic weddings and elopements, and drink wine with couples just like you. I'm here for all the badassery, let's make magic.

Hey, it's Zotti! I don't like smiling for the camera so I won't force you to either.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Portland, Oregon

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Our energies will definitely jive if: Your perfect day starts with exercise and ends with wine. --If your soul is set on fire by great experiences with even better people. --If you're the type of person who stops to take photos of the sunset just so you can savor it for a bit longer. 

I get super excited to photograph weddings and elopements for couples who like my hands-on approach and value my creativity. Couples who don't want a bystander to just take pictures, but someone to help them curate a vision that is unique to them. Those are my people.


Wedding Photographer in Portland, Oregon

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all races, all genders, all religions, always 🤍